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  • Basically, NO Page without gallery. --- you don't want to see the only boring ads, right?
  • Good quility gallery. - you like it, don't you?
  • Be Series or Theme - make the surfer admire your gallery.
  • No javascript, please.
  • Link back is no required - however, we appreciate your link back:
    <a href="http://xxxer.com"><img src="http://xxxer.com/xxxer.gif" height=60 width=100></a>
  • The rest of rule just like others, you know them very well, I am sure.

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    1. No blind links.
      (Thumbnails should link to corresponding images, and a text link saying 'NEXT' should link to your next gallery, for example)
    2. No thumbnails linked to HTML pages.
    3. No Frames, pop-ups, redirects, resizing browser, changing homepages/bookmarks, or other annoying scripts.
    4. Absolutely NO child pornography and/or illegal contents.
    5. No ponsor cheating or hot linking.
    6. No links to .EXE files.
    7. No banner overload, half-page ads.
      (Two or three regular-size sponsor banners, not including free hosting banners, is more than reasonable.)
    8. No resubmitting the same gallery with the same pictures.
    9. No requirements for Java, Javascript, or cookies to be enabled to be viewed.
    10. No hosts that prohibit adult material (e.g. Geocities, The Globe, Tripod, etc), do not accept TGP traffic (e.g. Wethost), or are too slow (e.g. Pornhouses).
    11. No copying of other webmasters' galleries unless you got permission from them.